Traveling Across Pennsylvania

Posted by: Eva Prada      June 1, 2023


Pennsylvania is a state that has a lot to offer any traveler. The state became a part of the nation in 1787 but has grown to be a thriving area largely due to its illustrious history and agricultural opportunities. However, Pennsylvania is highly diversified, and it is easy to find something everyone will enjoy. Try venturing to these incredible cities the next time you find yourself in Pennsylvania.


Traveling across Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh

At one time in history, Pittsburgh was not highly regarded as a destination. A continued cloud of smoke emanating from various factories made it difficult to truly enjoy the area. However, thanks to green development opportunities throughout the city, the hazy smoke has dissipated and left behind a unique, enjoyable atmosphere for all. Whether you enjoy learning about Pittsburgh’s history or bike riding through the city, you can fine something to enjoy in this vibrant city.

One important factor about Pittsburgh, PA is that it is devoted to the enjoyment of children and the young at heart. The first stop, provided the weather is cooperative, should be the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. The ability to see both land-based creatures and marine life is not something offered by most zoos in the nation, but here you can have it all. Once you have enjoyed watching animals frolic and play, venture over to Kennywood for some excitement. This theme park is among the older theme parks in the nation, but it has continued to modernize bringing enjoyment to generation after generation of eager thrill seekers.

The weather may not always fit with your intended plans to enjoy the outdoors and when this happens, Pittsburgh is the place to be. The city is full of unique and awe-inspiring museums. The Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, and the Children’s Museum are excellent for those who desire conventional art, but if you are like many art lovers, you want something different. Pittsburgh has one of the more unique museums within its borders. It is known as Randyland and the establishment has come to be known for being among the most unique and colorful art exhibits the country has to offer.

Where to eat in Pittsburgh largely depends on your expectations and budget. However, they do offer something for everyone. For instance, if a date night is in order, The Acorn Pittsburgh, and Pusadee’s Garden are a few of the more romantic spots in the city. However, they do offer some of the more casual, but still special occasion, Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen may please you. The city is full of incredible eateries and our advice is, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Eat your way through Pittsburgh, PA.


Traveling across Pennsylvania - Harrisburg

Every state has a capital, but most of them utilize their capital in the largest cities they have. Not Pennsylvania. Harrisburg is the capital of this state and has been since the 1800s. However, the population of Harrisburg hovers around 50,000 residents. Do not let that stop you from visiting. This seemingly smaller city offers an array of activities and acts more like a larger city than a small town.

Harrisburg is a city of museum experiences. Many of our most influential modern amenities came from this part of the country and they have never neglected the opportunity to celebrate that fact. For Instance, the Rolls Royce Foundation resides here. This museum celebrates the amazing history of the luxury car brand. Additionally, the Pennsylvania National Fire Museum is located here. Learn the true evolution of fire safety throughout the country in this unique and entertaining museum.

All of your time cannot be spent indoors while on your trip to Pennsylvania. When the weather is bright and sunny, or just a little overcast, venture out to one of the many parks Harrisburg has to offer. Wildwood Park and Riverfront Park are just a few of the many outdoor spaces that will entertain and empower. However, there is one somewhat outdoor experience that should not be missed. Indian Echo Caverns is an excellent place to explore the unseen underground. Make sure you bring a light jacket, even during the summer. Temperatures can be remarkably cool in the caverns.

All the walking and exploring Harrisburg, PA will, no doubt, make you hungry and excellent eateries are around every corner of this capital city. Feeling like Italian? Venture to Vino Italian Restaurant or Gabriella Italian Ristorante. Desire a tasty burger or some American food? Try Lancaster Brewing Company or Millworks. However, if you are truly feeling nostalgic for a by gone era, check out the Capitol Diner. This place is the ideal eatery to bring friends, kids, and family for a true diner experience.


Traveling across Pennsylvania - Allentown

With a growing population of just over 118,000 residents, Allentown, PA is a relatively large city. Allentown is rated as one of the fastest growing areas in all of Pennsylvania. The growth is largely due to urban development within the city and plenty of industry moving in as well. Although Allentown is growing, it has maintained a certain humble nature that is only found in much smaller cities. Visiting here means you will have lots to do and see, so make the journey to Allentown, PA on your trip through Pennsylvania.

Depending on when you visit Allentown, you can expect some remarkable attractions. Among the best, especially for the little ones during the summer, are Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. The park has been in continuous operation since 1884. Recently, the park has expanded its water park activities and has truly become a destination for those visiting and living in Allentown, PA. If wild attractions and hair-raising rides are not what you are looking for, or you happen to come at a time when the park is closed, there are plenty of other, indoor activities as well.

Take the family to the Da Vinci Science Center for an afternoon of discovery and exploration. Children can learn about scientific theories and experiments in a hands-on environment. Once you have completed a tour of the science center, venture over to America on Wheels. This museum celebrates all types of transportation throughout the years in an educational, yet enjoyable atmosphere. Allentown also has its own zoo. The Leigh Valley Zoo is open throughout the year featuring a wide range of regional and not so regional animal exhibits.

Allentown offers some amazing cuisine and if you happen to be in the mood for seafood, try out Henry’s Salt of the Sea. This restaurant offers fresh seafood dishes that include lobster, scallops, clams, sole, and much more. Sea delights pair beautifully with homemade sauces that will have your taste buds singing. There is also another gem here. Fine dining lovers enjoy dining at Bolete Restaurant and Inn. The chef plays upon various tastes and textures to keep your eating soul entertained throughout the evening.


Traveling across Pennsylvania - PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA is known for many things. The City of Brotherly Love played an important part during the Revolutionary War and is also a city where you can get an amazing Cheesesteak, but it is much more than all of that. Make no mistake about it, Philadelphia is a huge city. With a growing population of 1.6 million, it is easy to feel lost in your surroundings, but do not fret. We will help guide you to the best Philadelphia has to offer its visitors.

Philadelphia is a very eclectic, yet traditional city. Where it is true there are plenty of attractions such as the Philadelphia Zoo for a day of animal watching or Fairmount Park for amazing hiking and gardens, there are a few unique places as well. This city is home to a unique museum. The Mutter Museum is located here. If you have not heard of this place, you likely have not been too medical or nursing school.

The Mutter Museum is an unusual attraction in which you can view human specimens from tumors taken from patients and virtually anything you could imagine from a medical standpoint. It was made as a teaching museum but has become one of the most sought-after unusual attractions in all the world.

Take a trip to see the Liberty Bell or National Constitution center if you are feeling patriotic, but maybe you want to look into the dark side of America’s history. The Eastern State Penitentiary is located in Philadelphia. Regular tours are given and even some ghost stories told within the walls of one of America’s oldest prisons. Thousands lived and died inside the prison, so if you are a ghost hunter, enjoy your visit.

First and foremost, you will want to try an authentic cheesesteak, so venture to Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks. The restaurants sit opposite each other and have had an ongoing feud for decades. To decide who is best, you must sample both. Now, as stated before, the city is more than just cheesesteaks. Try some Middle Eastern cuisine at Zahav or take a trip to Chima Steakhouse for some incredible Brazilian food. The city is teaming with incredible eateries, so don’t be afraid to try them all.

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state with a lot to offer. You can take it slower and see the countryside while visiting with the Amish or head to a larger city like Philadelphia for some truly unique sites. Take your time while exploring the state and enjoy the experience. Enjoy the journey.

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